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Here the answers to frequent questions about hair and health.

Do daily shampoos weaken the hair?

Yes, if the shampoo is too aggressive, it can damage the outer hair cuticle and cause split ends or irritate the scalp. Instead, using a suitable shampoo – even everyday – does not interfere with hair loss, because like any cosmetic product, it acts externally on hair therefore not affecting the hair bulb.

Does wearing helmets ruin the hair?

In general, wearing a helmet does not lead to relevant consequences on hair, but the mechanical stress the hair undergoes can damage the hair shaft.

Is it true that hair loss increases in Autumn?

In Autumn, it seems that hair falls off as well as leaves do. Everyday, throughout the year, there is a physiological hair loss, but in Autumn and Spring hair loss increases from 60 to 100 hair average.

Are there some kind of lifestyles able to increase hair loss?

Definitely yes. Stress increases hair loss, as well as unhealthy hairstyles. Smoking, for example, can affect the health of hair follicles, as well as drugs abuse and crash dieting, that deprives the body of the necessary nutritious elements.

Is it possible to use Nubeà during pregnancy and breast feeding?

There are no known side effects to the use of Nubeà during pregnancy and breast feeding. It is important, however, always to consult with your physician and ask for advice during pregnancy, breast feeding or before undergoing medical treatments.

Are Nubeà hypoallergenic products?

Of course. All products are dermatologically tested.

How long can I use Nubeà?

Indefinitely, always in accordance with the products instructions. We recommend using Nubeà products for the necessary and desired time in order to preserve an optimal status of hair scalp and to improve the look of fine and thin hair.

Can someone suffering from Alopecia use Nubeà?

Yes, Nubeà products are useful to keep the scalp in good health and improve the look of thin hair.

Are Nubeà products suitable for people wearing extensions?

Yes, there are no side effects.

Is the sebum excess related to higher hair loss?

Yes. Sebum excess and hair loss are affected by hydrotestosteron. This sebum excess negatively influences the normal hair growth, and for this reason a prevention treatment is necessary.

Is it true that sea and swimming pool water can damage hair?

Yes, especially in the summer, because hair and scalp come into contact with sea salt in the sea, and chlorine in the pool. Salt generates an osmosis effect, amplified by the opening of the scales, meanwhile UV rays and continuous watering worsen the optimal condition of the stems, favoring the loss of minerals and keratin. Moreover, chlorine is a very aggressive disinfectant.

Which kind of damage is provoked by the use of the hairdryer?

Heat can modify the keratin structure; the less we use it, the more hair will be healthier and without serious anomalies, like split ends. This advice is valid for all kinds of hair. Using the hairdryer is not causing hair loss.

Is it true that by cutting the hair very short will make it stronger?

Cutting the hair is useful only when we have split ends or alteration of the stems. It is not useful in case of thin hair or hair loss. The secret is preventing these anomalies, in order not to adopt drastic solutions.

Is daily use of gel, hairspray, etc... unsuitable for hair?

Cosmetic products for hair are applied on the stems and not in the bulb, so that they do not influence the hair growth. We advice always to use quality products.

Is Nubeà testing products on live animals?

No. We do not test nor commission tests on animals for ingredients, formulas or products.

Is it possible to buy Nubeà products online?

No. Nubeà products are only sold in professional and selected hairdressing salons.